5 Must-See Places In Canada To Explore This Fall

#TAPTravels: Fall Edition

You know what sounds like a great idea?

Packing in as much fun as possible on a fall road-trip before the winter weather hits.

You know what you should do this fall?

Explore 5 of these must-see natural wonders.


Take advantage of the cool weather and venture across Canada to see what the country has to offer. There are some truly spectacular places to explore while breathtaking autumn colours overtake the country.

To help you choose your next getaway, here are our top 5 must-see places in Canada to explore this fall:

Go on a wine tasting in Niagara, Ontario

Niagara Falls Parkway during the fall showcasing beautiful autumn colours and the falls in the background this is a Must-See Place In Canada To Explore This Fall
Photo via. Christine Hess

Once referred to as “prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world,” by Winston Churchill, the Niagara Parkway is known for its beautiful autumn leaves and extra-crisp lake air.

It’s impossible to be in a hurry when there’s plenty of exploring along the way. Enjoy the scenic drive, charming towns, iconic attractions and over twenty wineries nestled in the quaint town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

There are a lot of sights to take in, that’s why the parkway is not just a beautiful road but a one-of-a-kind fall destination.

Have a picnic in the Rocky Mountains National Park in Alberta

Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains during the fall reflecting a small cabin near the water this is a Must-See Place In Canada To Explore This Fall
Photo via. mrdanielhan

Pack a picnic if you’re driving from Jasper to Banff because you’ll have plenty of opportunities for a scenic lakeside lunch on Lake Lousie.

From late September to October, the Canadian Rockies are alive with breathtaking fall colours. Our only suggestion is to slow down and turn up the radio while driving through all Instagram worthy views.

As you ramble from Johnston’s Canyon to Tunnel Mountain near Banff, prepare to soak up some jaw-dropping panoramic views.

For you, animal lovers, be sure to stop for a gondola ride at the top of Sulphur Mountain, where you’ll get a birds-eye-view of the local wildlife in the area.

Go on a gondola ride in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains

Mont Tremblant during the scenic autumn months
Photo via. L’automne à Tremblant

The best way to explore is to get off the beaten track and travel through the world-renowned Laurentian Mountains.

Enjoy an incredible escape by visiting North Americas most spectacular transformation of nature in Mont Tremblant during the autumn months. For the best vantage point, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take on a gondola ride, scenic cruise or a zip lining adventure. If your a night owl, an illuminating night walk is available around the park.

To finish off your trip, be sure to check out the Charlevoix region and the Montmorency Falls. Both of these getaway spots are the perfect road trip for a dramatic landscape and are certainly worth the drive.

See a concert on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia

Breathtaking view of the autumn leaves and Atlantic Ocean along Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia
Photo via. screampuff

For the ultimate weekend road-trip, the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island is quite possibly the world’s most scenic drive. As the shorter days approach, the drive boats some of North Americas most colourful trees.

Wildlife sightings should also be on your radar as you travel along the coast with the Atlantic Ocean insight. The lush scenery is home to quite a few moose, coyotes, bobcats and even bears.

If you plan your route well, you may be able to see a mix of sandy beaches, beautiful headlands and lush valleys between Ingonish and Englishtown. For an added perk, be sure to visit the Celtic Music Centre in Judique for delicious seafood, concerts and dancing.

Go on an authentic culinary journey in P.E.I

Canoeing in beautiful Prince Edward Island during the fall this is a Must-See Place In Canada To Explore This Fall
Photo via. Stephen DesRoches ©Tourism PEI

Among the last but certainly not least places in Canada to explore this fall is the beautiful PEI.

If you want to ditch the city for an epic fall adventure, the Confederation Trail stretches all across Prince Edward Island and boasts some unworldly gorgeous views of autumn leaves.

The numerous walking and biking trails available on the island wind behind mesmerizing barn fields and forests to offer a vision of the Island’s landscape from a past time.

The crowds flock to P.E.I during the Fall Flavours Festival and it’s not hard to tell why: each stop is not only a chance to try delicious authentic delicacies across the island but also an opportunity to take in some surreal and serene views.

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