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An Ultimate Guide To Buy Tesla In Canada With Prices: Best 7 Things to Consider 

Can you Buy Tesla in Canada? Both yes and no is the answer. Yes, as Tesla Inc.’s website still allows for direct car purchases from the company. No, there are restrictions including constrained delivery areas, car availability, and pricing that might not be accurate to the market. 

Due to these restrictions, you ought to exercise caution if you’re thinking of purchasing a Tesla Canada. Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to purchase a Tesla in Canada, along with 7 things you should think about, Seven are the best things.

How to Buy Tesla in Canada?

If you already possess a driver’s license from a nation where Tesla models are offered, you might be surprised to learn how simple it is to purchase one in Canada. All you have to do is visit the Tesla website and add more options to the Model 3 or Model S of your choice. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment with a nearby Tesla dealership to make the purchase, you’ll be sent to the “Tesla Motors Canada” website. 

Before making the trip to Canada to purchase your Tesla, there are a few things to keep in mind. Given the additional 750% import tax that applies to vehicles costing more than

$85,000 CAD, the price will undoubtedly be greater than what is stated in the United States. 

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Tesla in Canada 1- Will You Be Able To Afford It? 

Going to buy Tesla isn’t as simple as going to your local car dealership and grabbing one off the lot. You need to have the necessary money available to buy a Tesla. And that can be a lot of money. 

The Model 3 starts at just under $47,000 CAD while the Model S starts at just over $86,000 CAD. It’s important to consider how you will pay for your new Tesla. Are you eligible for new car financing? Or will you be saving money and paying cash?

1- Will It Fit in Your Garage? 

If you already have a vehicle and live in a residential area with limited parking, you might want to consider whether or not your Tesla will fit in your home garage. 

The Model S is about 5 feet-8 inches high and 24 feet long, making it difficult to park even in garages that were built to fit larger vehicles. And while the Model 3 is far more compact, measuring only 4 feet-11 inch caskets and a tie-down system. 

2- Using banks and credit unions to finance Tesla 

In a similar manner, you can inquire about Tesla financing with your bank or credit union. This option has the advantage that banks and credit unions typically provide lower interest rates than other options. This option might not be appropriate for all consumers, though, as they normally only finance persons with good to exceptional credit scores. 

3- Check your car on delivery while Buy Tesla

Ask the Tesla employee to let you inspect the car before accepting delivery when your car is delivered. Numerous recent Tesla customers have complained about shoddy construction, uneven panel gaps, and outright awful paint.

Look closely at every opening, especially those near the doors, trunk, and frunk. Test how they work. Make sure the gaps are tight and even and that everything closes properly. Then, confirm that your car has every feature you requested. Inform your Tesla contact that you will not accept delivery of your vehicle if something seems off. 

4- Unique Benefits and Gadgets 

If you’re considering a Tesla, then you’re probably aware of its unique benefits. Battery-powered means no trips to the gas station, exclusive fast charging stations, and a lot of peace of mind about pollution. Although replacement batteries mean owners have to be more cautious about battery life and its effect on range. 

The inclusion of AR gadgets in new models only augments the cool factor of owning a Tesla. 

The Model S Multispace Creative is capable of carrying several bikes or passengers in a weird multimedia cockpit mode. 

The Model 3 Multispace is capable of hauling kids, dogs, and cargo with its optional second row of seatsOwners can brag about driving an eco-friendly car with a lot of versatility.

The Model 33 will include a 4,300-mAh battery, up from the current Model 3300’s 4,000-mAh battery. That should improve the range significantly, even with AC and heat on in cold weather. 

Buy Tesla

5- Battery care best practices 

To maximize battery life, Tesla owners need to follow some best practices. Don’t use cruise control much and don’t drive at high speeds for long periods of time. Also, don’t store your car for long periods of time fully charged or heavily discharged. And try to refrain from frequent full charges, which can reduce life span. A 120-volt outlet or level 2 charging station should do fine for regular charging chores. 

6- Install a home Tesla charger

It’s true that Tesla has a very well-established network of charging stations called Superchargers. But having a home charger is the best method to guarantee that you always leave your house fully charged. These are often purchased along with an electric vehicle, and a Tesla is no exception. 

For further information, we advise getting in touch with a professional in-home charger installation. They’ll devise a pricing for you based on your requirements and the electrical configuration of your home. However, be sure to compare prices since they will differ from one location to the next. 


The auto provider is aware of the significance of the dream that comes along with purchasing a brand-new vehicle. Direct financing from Tesla, your bank, or a private lender is an option. 

You can anticipate needing a solid or excellent credit score to get approved for the lowest vehicle loan rates, even if buy Tesla Canada does not specify a minimum credit score to apply for Tesla financing. If your application for Tesla finance is denied, you might choose to increase your down payment, resubmit with a cosigner, or look to other online lenders, but you’ll probably have to pay a higher interest rate. Also, know about bad credit car dealerships in alberta.

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